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Car battery charger A1289356

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Battery Charger

The unique charging system cycles through the 9 stages to supply specifically calculated levels of charging current and voltage to recondition batteries previously destined for the bin. This automotive battery charger can also be utilised as a maintenance charger for vehicles left idle or stored for prolonged periods by supplying a trickle charge to keep the battery at 100% charge, 100% of the time saving you the cost of constantly replacing expensive batteries in your weekender or race car. This multi-stage charger from Repco is packed full of other handy features too:

  • Weatherproof (IP65) so you can keep it under the bonnet if the car is stored or charging outside
  • Spark protection - voltage sensing technology ensures safe operation at all time
  • Auto diagnoses - Battery analyses technology to determine if you require maintenance or recondition charging
  • Desulphasion - Removes sulphation build-up on internal plates to maximise battery life

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Car battery charger A1289356