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Leaser level

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Laser Level

Made in the USA, the Pro Shot Alpha is a popular robust automatic self leveling laser level designed for builders, concrete placers, landscapers, commercial and civil contractors.
The Pro Shot Alpha is tested, calibrated and serviced in New Zealand by our Auckland and Christchurch Calibration Service centres, who have a full range of parts and backup.
Simply mount the laser onto a heavy duty tripod, press power, and the Alpha automatically levels by itself. If the laser is bumped or knocked during use, the height alert automatically turns off the laser and warns the operator.
The Alpha also features a manual grade slope matching feature, with up and down arrows. This allows the user to align the laser for single grade slope and drainage work. Whilst in manual slope mode, the Alpha has the added advantage of “Cross Axis Self-levelling”, which keeps the cross axis level at all times.
With an operating range of 610 meters and a high rotation speed of up to 1200RPM, the Alpha provides superior accuracy even on the largest civil contracting sites.

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Leaser level